Cardiac Climbers gear will be available to purchase from the Primal on-line store from Now through Wednesday, May 11th, 2016. Cardiac Climbers jerseys, jackets, arm warmers, bike shorts, and bibs will be available for purchase. Please use the Primal Size Guide to assist with your purchases. Purchased gear will be available for pickup (Dawn Brennan) on July 8th. If you have any questions please contact  Denise Walden or Primal customer service.

To order gear please use one of the following links:


The ORANGE jersey is the “original” which is what we all wear on Saturday as we take team pictures and ride off into the sunrise together. If you are new to the team, I would order the “original”. The new “retro” style jersey (the white one) is recommended for the Sunday ride. Both jerseys will match the shorts and bibs. All items can be ordered gender specific. The fit is not a race fit and they run true to size.

FYI- Traditionally Sunday is a “wear your college” bike jersey day, but not everyone has one. If you want to participate in college jersey day you may want to start shopping for it now. Or you can order our new cool retro style jersey.

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